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(c) 2001 by Andria W. Rosenbaum

of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,
watching over the dead,
guarding the souls,
waiting beneath the tumble
of rubble and wreckage
by hate.

in her tent,
singing psalms like Sarah,
with the love of Rivka,
the kindness of Rachel,
the patience of Leah,
for all of His

Whispering words
of consolation and comfort,
hungry with the hope
they be at rest,
that peace replace
the dirges echoing

Daughter of Abraham,
praying for justice
in a shattered landscape,
hacked by heartless shadows
who hijacked humanity,
cast calamity like

for the sigh of souls,
knowing right will reign,
good rise 



An unfortunate accident. A girl balanced on the edge of childhood.

The spirit of a Kabbalistic Rabbi, think Drew Carey meets Jackie Mason, poised to answer all questions...with more questions.

What if life as you know it was forever altered? Given the choice do you:
A.  Enhance the lives of others and move forward to the unknown?
B. Return to your former life --impaired to the point that your very existence dramatically alters the futures of everyone you love.

An unfair choice. A chance to be courageous.

Where did all the Real Books go?

I used to haunt B&N regularly, hunting for the newest NIVs and scooping up copies of classics and old favorites in the used book section. I tried not to drool as I scanned freshly printed PBs –and got a little high on the sharp scent of ink on pristine paper. I made a list of new and worthy titles to pick up at the library too. Well… I couldn’t buy everything.


Last week, I went back to B&N for a treat. But I was shocked to find what’s been done to the “Kids” section. It looked like Toys R Us had taken over. There were rows and rows of toys for tots and babies. The YA section had been consolidated and moved far, far away. Empty shelves now occupy much of the wall space. There used to be an entire long wall of hardcover PBs –new and old favorites as well. There was a whole other section for paperback PB favorites. Now it pretty much looks like a wasteland.


I know the whole e-reader, Nook book –Kindle craze is hot, but I didn’t realize it was poised to clear the shelves. The look on my grandson's face when I read him Chicka Chicka Boom-Boom, or Go Dog Go is priceless. I can’t bear the thought of my him not having a paper and ink book to cradle as he reads to his children. There’s a cosmic experience you just can’t get from holding a flat, cold piece of metal and plastic in your hands. You miss the flavor and scent of the experience. It’s a robbing of the senses.


So what’s a set-in-her-ways book baby supposed to do?

Baby steps.

Buy books for baby gifts.

Birthday gifts.

Housewarming gifts.

Graduation gifts.

Holiday gifts.

Happy day gifts.

You get the picture. My grandson will be getting A Lot of books. 

Highlights from Mary Kole's PB WD Webinar

Mary is dynamite. I've taken my share of PB courses so much of the info. wasn't new to me. But her dissection of what makes a great PB was spot on.

Pre-K through 3rd grade is the "sweet spot" of the PB market

Rhyme must serve the story, not the other way around

Never state a moral straight on. Should always be a quiet undercurrent in the story, like a good aftertaste left in your mouth

Story has to work on 2 levels --adult reader/ kid audience they read to

Don't let your characters succeed easily

Create a strong, simple story arc, spare voice, add just the right touch of humor

Leave elbow room for the illustrator

Pitch with fun. Isolate a sales hook and prime reader for the book

Aim for universality and multiple hooks

If you're going to rhyme--it better "be smokin"'

I think Mary's the one who's smokin. She seems more energized than the Energizer bunny.


There's great power
in simple thoughts,
but each  
must push you forward.

I picture them rising
to the top of my glass
like sweet cream

casting me out
into unknown waters
wide with the promise
of adventure.

For today
I say
Make It happen,
breathing hope
like fresh air.

Picture Perfect

Got through the latest revisions and addressed the issues that were distancing the MC of my MG from the
reader. While it's simmering on the back burner, I revisited a funny PB of mine that just wasn't there yet. Well, I think it's there now ;-).

Don't ya just love summer?

It's growing

with possibilities.

Off for a reading break. I'm loving Marcelo in the Real World by Francisco X. Stork. How did I ever miss this gem?

Learning to Take it Personally

So after major rewrites and another couple of close calls with my MG novel in verse, I finally had my very own, a la Oprah, AH-HAH! moment.
I have a problem with making it personal.
That is to say, I haven't been writing in a way that allows the reader to emotionally connect with my MC.

Here I thought I was so original and current with my plot. And dahling, could my poetry be more lovely and lyrical? Uum yes. But, the real issue all along has been that my MC sounds flat, distant and leaves the reader --boo-hooooo--cold.

Now I can't say that anybody put it quite that bluntly, but it's as if a Broadway spotlight has illuminated a major issue of mine.
And in the words of my grandson's good friend, Bob...Can we fix it? YES!

So I'm reading the wisdom of Mary Kole. She truly is brilliant.
I've ordered Cheryl Klein's book Second Sight.
I'm off to Revision Island for summer vacation.
And I'm asking all of you out there in Writer's Land to share any secrets you have for building emotional connections to your characters.
My not so new new motto? Better late than never!

Back to School

(c) 2010 by Andria W. Rosenbaum

The first day

is crammed with newness.

Graphic tees, dark jeans,

and flirty skirts, lingering

with the scent

of untested body sprays.


Virginal notebooks,

inviting the marks of

inky, black doodles

and scrawled notes.

Freshly painted halls lining

a linoleum highway,

radiating with the pungent scent

of industrial polish.

And the slim chance 

for reinvention, lurking,

like a shadow

tempting to be



Poetry Friday



© by Andria Warmflash Rosenbaum


She gathers strength like tiny field flowers

though medication


burns as if she's locked in the furnace

beside Abraham.


She holds laughter like blooming bouquets

inhales hope

filling her lungs with little joys.


Battles transform

into badges of courage.

Gathering grins,

she pins them

like a diamond broach upon her chest

and claims today.


Step by step

day by day

month by month

she gleans time

vowing never to bow




Poetry Friday


 (c) 2010 by Andria Warmflash Rosenbaum


Like giants

we tip-toe

between the tide pools,


tumbled treasures,

in watery islands


between sand and sea.


We spy

silver slivers

of fish flashing by

as if they could fly,


stay still

watching crabby crews

share the news,

of a wet, wet



curled shells 


on their backs

their only

concession to